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The new generation of mobile phones

Every single company in our world is developing its products no matter if they are food, machines or something else. For example, companies for technology develop their products – computers, monitors, LCD devices, mobile phones, air planes and so on and so on. The truth is that in present day life the technology is everywhere around us. Every time we take out our mobile phone we take in our hands a technical device. Every time we get on the bus we are in a machine that the technology has developed.

There are many examples for the new generation of the technical industry. In 21th century there are not only mobile phones, planes, computers, cameras and other things for our communication. This is the century of the communication and the IT sector is diffused everywhere in the whole world. The World Wide Web is part of our life and even the new mobile phones have connection with the web because today Mobile phoneswe are lost without the Internet. It is hard even impossible for many people to imagine how the world would look like if there is no Internet. But the technology is the reason we have the opportunity to use the web.

Years ago people lived without Internet, without television, without radio and without mobile phones, no word about the airplanes and buses. But today nobody can imagine life without these things. We are so accustomed to the technology, to our mobile phones, to our cars and computers and we cannot live without them. This is the life of the future, the life of our time.

But this is not all. People always search for new discoveries. The search for new technical machines, for new integrated circuits, for new electronic devices and etc. We all know that the world will change in the future and the technology will continue to be developed. All scientists in the world work every day and every hour to create things that can be used by the population. And their hard work is very well paid. But we can do something more – to appreciate their creativity.

Modern mobile phones

The word technology means creating, modifying and using different kinds of machines and other kind of technologies like mobile phones, crafts, systems and you name it. The modern devices have nothing in common with their predecessors. The new models of all mobile phones, for example Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, LG, Samsung and others are modified to a high level devices. They can take pictures and record video clips, some of the new phones are connected to the Internet.

The future of the mankind is the development of new technology. Every day we see what is going on – cars, planes, ships and many other machines are changing their exterior and extras. We watch on TV how people fly in space and how the world is changing. In Bulgaria things happen more slowly than in some other countries mobilebut still they happen. If we look back in the past we can remember what life was twenty years ago.

People used mobile phones that were able only to make and receive phone calls. Our modern phones can replace many of the devices we used in the past – MP3 players and cameras.

Of course the mobile phones are not the only child of our modern technology that can serve us as a communication device that can take pictures and that can connect to the Internet. There are iPads and iPods that are even better. The new kind of technology offers us touch screens which are much better than the keypad. So if we want to learn something more about the technology we can buy some magazines or browse the Internet and start searching for information.

The other kind of technology is the Internet and the web development in this area. It is known as IT or Informational Technologies and it is a big part of our present day life. So, in short, the technology is everywhere around us – television, computers, cameras, mobile phones, air planes, ships, cars, audio and video – everything. So if we want to be modern we have to start thinking of the modern devices which are everywhere around us.

The Evolution of Cell Phones

Every day there is news about new technologies and devices. If we look back in the past we can see what a huge change has happened in the world of technology. For example, ten years ago mobile phones were big and had only one function – talking. Today there are so many different kinds of mobile phones and other devices like iPods, iPads etc. that we cannot even count. All companies in the area of technology work hard to create new devices. Computers, networking technologies, virtual space and many other things are a small part of the present day science.

In short, today it is very easy to choose your new mobile phones – LG, Nokia, Alcatel, Motorola, Sony and many other offer a huge variety of phones. mobile evolutionComputers and laptops are something even easier to choose. If the computer was a luxury in the past, today it is just an ordinary part of our home and our life.

The pace of technical development is so fast that soon we will see the new generation of the technology of the future. Professionals say that many devices have outrun their time.

We said about the computers and the mobile phones. What about the new auto technologies? All new cars have a lot of electronics in them. Technologies are developing very fast there, too. Parktronics, climatronics and the other devices in the super class cars are children of the technological progress.

Every one of us has watched Star Wars and we can be sure that the technology there is something that we will see one day. The scientists develop technologies for the space travel like spaceships, satellites and others. The robots that explore other planets and stars are high class technical devices that are programmed to study and to send information to the earth.